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Travelling by car rent Kyrgyzstan in a tour pay attention to the local cuisine of this country that is above all based on representing the traditions of the nomads. The Kyrgyz cuisine is a mixture of the dishes of such people as the Turks, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Russian, and Europeans. Well, because of such a mixture travelers adore our cuisine when they try them during the tour with cars rent service. There are a lot of restaurants, where travelers can taste the most delicious dishes of such cuisine during the tour with car for rent Kyrgyzstan service. In this article, we have tried to point out basic dishes of the local cuisine, and here they are:
This is a special product that has been treated with great respect since ancient times. The ancestors of the nomads passed on to the present generations even certain rules regarding bread, for example, the nomadic tribes did not cut bread, but tore them with rocks, it was not right to put bread upside down. In addition, to this day, bread in Kyrgyz cuisine must be present on the table at the time of accepting any food. Traveling around the country with car rent Kyrgyzstan service, tourists during the tour are surprised by the variety of bread products. In fact, there are many of them, but among them lepeshka and boorsok are especially popular. This bread called lepeshka is a delicious round bread baked in a tandoor. Boorsok are small pieces of dough fried in oil.
Beshbarmak is boiled lamb with dough and onions that is very popular among nomads. Kyrgyz cuisine contains dishes that appeared in antiquity and beshbarmak is one of them. In fact, such a dish as beshbarmak is eaten with hands without cutlery, then, therefore, it is necessary to wash your hands and say the words of blessing. In addition, while eating beshbarmak, the Kyrgyz sit next to each other and discuss various topics during the meal.
Chuchuk is a type of homemade sausage in Kyrgyz cuisine. This dish is usually prepared with ingredients such as kazy kabyrga, ulcers, salt, pepper, black pepper, onion, garlic, caraway seeds, bay leaves, and it is also worth marinating the meat well with spices. Travelers trying this dish during tours with cars rent service in Kyrgyzstan say that this is the best sausage.
Fried beef or lamb with potatoes and onions is called kuurdak. This is a delicious food of Kyrgyz cuisine that has existed since the time of the ancient nomads that, by the way, was then cooked on metal. This exquisite dish gets a unique taste thanks to the stones.
Shorpo is a variety of soup that is very popular in the East. Such a soup is made from meat, with herbs and vegetables. Guests of the country rocking during the tour with car for rent Kyrgyzstan service add more pepper to make the taste unique and understand that all the ingredients acquire an unforgettable taste.
This dish is now widely spread not only in Central Asian countries but also in many others. In Kyrgyz cuisine, this dish called plov (pilaf) plays an important role because the locals cook it almost in honor of any event, such as weddings, funerals, childbirth, etc.
Kyrgyz cuisine pleases travelers during the tour with such a fragrant juicy meat pie with onions and specialties called samsa. Tourists taking car rent Kyrgyzstan service can taste these pies anywhere in the country, which are baked in tandoor or on special stones. By the way, if initially it was taken to cook samsa from meat, then today there is a great choice because there are different fillings, such as vegetable or with chicken.
Manty is an adored dish of almost every Kyrgyz among the dishes of Kyrgyz cuisine. In fact, manty is a dough stuffed with minced meat that is prepared in a special steamer (kaskan). And they are eaten by hand, and the Kyrgyz serve this dish in a large plate that is placed in the middle of the table.
The tour with cars rent service is a good opportunity for travelers to taste the cuisine of Central Asia. Therefore, lagman is a Central Asian cuisine that contains lamb, noodles and vegetables. Lagman noodles are special because they are hand-stretched into rolls to make thin noodles. However, today such noodles for a lagman can be bought in grocery stores. Also, add ingredients such as peppers, eggplants, beans, radishes, onions, carrots, etc.
Ashlyam – Fu
Ashlyam – Fu is the dish that made the city of Karakol famous. To be more precise, it is in this city that, taking car for rent Kyrgyzstan service during the tour, travelers will be able to taste the most delicious Ashlyam – Fu. In fact, this local dish is a cold noodle soup, starch and sauce, vegetables. In addition, the dish is interesting in terms of origin because it has Dungan, Muslim and Chinese roots.
A dish that is cooked over a fire, just like a kebab that travelers can find during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan service in any restaurant or cafe in the country. The dish has a Turkic origin from there and such an unusual name. In fact, this is a dish of marinated meat with spices and sauces, as well as accompanied by onions and other vegetables.
A delicious stew made from meat and a number of vegetables is called dymlyama. It is a very common dish among the local cuisine. Lamb, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and so on are the ingredients in demand for such an exquisite and at the time simple dish.
Ganfan is a dish that is called the second lagman of local cuisine, that is, there are some similarities. However, it is also worth mentioning their differences, such as the fact that ganfan should be cooked with less water, add more vegetables and use rice instead of noodles. Taste this dish on the tour with cars rent service and experience for yourself the difference between lagman and ganfan.
Traveling around Kyrgyzstan, guests of the country often note the advantages of local cuisine, because here you can even find dishes of Slavic cuisine, such as the famous borsch. Borsch is a red soup with components such as beef, vegetables, and the main ingredient that makes borsch turn red is beets. The Kyrgyz themselves also love this soup and cook it very often.
Since Kyrgyzstan is a multinational country here and the cuisine consists of different dishes. For example, travelers during the tour with car for rent Kyrgyzstan service can taste cutlets that came from the French cuisine called côtelette that was prepared from meat ribs. The meat for such a delicious dish can be any animal such as chicken, turkey and beef. In addition, potatoes and onions are also accompanied by cutlets.
Kurut is a domestic snack that resembles small balls in shape and tastes salty, creamy, sometimes sweet and sour, even spicy. Both children and adults adore this product of the Kyrgyz cuisine.
Another famous soup made from boiled dough (dumplings) with onions, herbs and potatoes is called Mampar. Quite hearty soup that can decorate any table.
Travelers can also taste a dish of Slavic cuisine called pelmeni (dumplings) during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan service and understand that this is a dough stuffed with minced meat and boiled in salted water. And by the way, they serve pelmeni with sour cream, mayonnaise or ketchup.