About us – Car Rent

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!

We are car rent company who may make the suggestion to you of 4X4 WD self-driving tours around Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Now you are lucky of hiving chance of driving through three countries. You compose us letter with request about auto and in the same time we try to answer you. We gather together all documents by ourselves for all countries. When our prices are compared with the prices from other car rent companies totally our auto rent company is chosen. There are various autos which are matched not only for the self-driving tour but also we find corresponded car for business trips or may be other honorable cases.

Our auto rent company has the replacement in the center of Bishkek city which is counted as the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Our team of employers can create you integrated tours in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. How wonderful the visiting of historical museums in Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. Large number of historical monuments you can see with a help of cars for rent. It is eventually of auto taking as in Almaty as in Dushanbe. And the client can leave cars for rent in the same cities. Therefore on our web site in Internet you have chance of seeing the price for cars for rent and this is the superior price on the renting autos. Because our car rent company consisted of specific discounts for our customers!

Be ready for never-to-be-forgotten tour! Because you will watch the most remarkable mountains with numerous pastures where nomadic folk are preferable spending their summer time. Most of people are herdsmen and they have too much livestock. The cattle breeding is their major matter. In summer time period you have catch a sight of a lot of yurts where nomads inhabit. The yurt is the home of people who dwell in Central Asian countries. If you would like we may arrange the spending of several nights in the yurt. It is so marvelous of seeing through the top of the yurt the night sky which is uttered of stars. So you have marvelous possibility of seeing a lot of remarkable lakes and mountain rivers with fast stream.